Uptown Tree Canopy Receives Makeover

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Image of treesIf you’ve been to the court square uptown lately you may have noticed ribbons around some of the trees. No, they aren’t yellow and they weren’t put there by Tony Orlando and Dawn. After experts were called in and noticed dead wood and sparse canopies, it was evident that many needed maintenance and some were actually past the point of no return. In the interest of protecting the citizen’s and historic structures on the square, a decision was made to hire a certified arborist to handle the job. In the coming weeks, provided Mother Nature holds off the rain, expect to hear chain saws, see bucket trucks and watch the aerial displays.

Everything has its season and trees are no different. Try not to fret over the death of the old fellas, but look to a future with safe, healthy trees to pitch a blanket under at the next festival uptown.

For information on pruning specific trees and shrubs, see the following NC State Extension publication:

How to Prune Specific Plants