COVID-19 Resources Shared From Cleveland County Family & Consumer Sciences

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1. COVID-19 Preventive Measures – Clean Your Hands Often.

2. COVID-19 Resources for Families – Message from Dr. Sarah Kirby, State Program Leader for Family & Consumer Sciences & Professor Agricultural & Human Sciences, NC State Extension, NC State University

3. Combating Stress and Anxiety in Family Life During COVID-19

Speaker: Dr. Kim Allen

Dr. Allen is sharing this information in a blog as a helpful resource in your communities – Kimberly Allen, Ph.D., BCC, CFLE, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist Director of Graduate Programs, Youth, Family, and Community Sciences Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences
North Carolina State University

4. This link to Choose My Plate promotes healthy eating. which is one of the ways we can manage stress and promote better health. This introduces us to the new MyPlate resources, Start Simple with MyPlateUse this to learn about steps to healthy eating and ways to plan and track your eating – meals and snacks.

5. Another resource to promote family literacy and to help children continue to share and read books is this site,  Storyline Online.
This is an award-winning children’s literacy site that features a wide variety of stories for children of all ages. This is available to children and families all around the world. This site streams videos of celebrities and children reading stories individually and together.
According to Michigan State University Extension, reading aloud is one easy way for family members and friends to help children build and improve their reading skills. It also helps children improve their writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, academic skills, and to develop a lifelong love of reading.
Use this site to enhance your time spent with your children, reading and listening to stories together. This will add to the ‘gift of reading’ and memories you and your child can build together as they learn books can be fun and exciting.
This can lead you and your child to select books from their own personal collection of books / their own library to read aloud together.

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